Know, Grow, Go

KNOW-GROW-GO is our growth track to help people KNOW the purpose of the Church, GROW in their faith with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to GO serve their family, community and world with the Love of God.

Know Logo

KNOW meetings will help you will discover more about Emmanuel's structure (WHO we are), our statements (WHY we exist), our strategy (HOW we fulfill our purpose), and salvation (WHAT God has done to make us His church).

Prerequisite: none


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GROW meetings will teach you how to have a relationship with God by learning to read and study the Bible, why and how you should pray, and seeing the importance of Christ centered relationships through small groups.

Prerequisite: Know class


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GO meetings will discuss the importance of serving others, finding your spiritual gifts, and the various ministries you can serve in at Emmanuel.

Prerequisite: Know and Grow classes